Why I like blackjack

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First off, the game is played by a deck 52 of cards. And it has been played since the 1700s in France. At that time, it was called “Vingt-et-un” or the French equivalent to 21.

The rules

of all the card games, blackjack is the simplest, straight-forward, and aerodynamic game ever. The only thing that you are required to do is to compete with other players with the dealer and get cards that add up (or as close as possible) to 21 without passing. So one crafted up of as many of the more 10 or any face cards is 21 or a blackjack. With this, you win and you win more than you had bet, unless the dealer equals 21 as well. That is all there is to him.

We call it blackjack because it was taken from a special bet that paid him 10 to 1 a hand comprising of an ace of spades and either of the two black cat (spade or clubs). Somehow, that name took root.

The appeal of the game

Generally, there are two kinds of people in a card game. The first one likes poker, the other likes blackjack. Maybe you can say that blackjack players are more of a loner than a social animal. But the appeal of the game can be attributed more to one-on-one, you-versus-dealer game. It’s all about a straight shot. No bluffing, no cheating, no folding and appearing like a loser. Here is all about truth. It is triumph or loses and nothing in the meantime. And there is no need for schemes and methods to change that truth.

But the game is not devoid of strategies. With some experience, you will become familiar with about the systems that can be used during a game. For example, it is a good idea not to hit at 16, do not double down when the dealer is showing a bust card, or not split eights.

Whatever system you follow, they are not rules. The best of the game is won by good judgment, by the gut and by luck. And what it is, the truth and only the truth would come at the end of the game. The decisions you make are in some way similar to throwing a three pointer at a basketball game, when you miss it and torture yourself and you wonder why you always took the shot; and when you count, he is rejoicing.

Finally, the best appeal of blackjack is probably your quickness. If you lose a hand, you do not have the time to grieve and be in pain. Before you know it, you have been given another card, another pot of possible luck and hope – that is what the game is in a sentence.

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