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Texas poker has become an international craze with hold em games taking place in casinos all over the world. From hold em poker online to live action games in living rooms, bars and casinos everywhere, this style of poker has more than caught on.
Texas Poker Delivers Big Fun
There are poker games that are popular. Then there are poker games that are international hits. Texas poker delivers big on this score.
Texas holdem has quickly become a sensation in countries all over the globe. Wherever card games and poker fun is enjoyed, this game can typically be found. And, while live action games are available almost everywhere, online Texas holdem is also sweeping the virtual world. Texas holdem poker games can be found online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These games range from free holdem with no real stakes involved to actual hold em poker challenges with real antes in online casinos where rules of Vegas-style play tend to reign.
Texas hold poker isn’t the most difficult of games to master. Texas hold em poker follows the same basic hands as regular poker with a royal flush being the best possible hand, straights and full houses counting big and so on. The style of play is great to learn online for a number of reasons, but this is a game that can easily be learned around a kitchen table, as well. Once the hands are mastered, the skills translate to most other poker games, too.
Texas Holdem Rules
Whether it’s free Texas holdem or ante-based Texas holdem, the rules of the game tend to be fairly consistent. Some variations might exist in some locations, but they are not terribly common. Generally, any variation tends to center on the betting protocol.
A standard game of free hold em or bet-based Texas poker involves a regular deck of cards. This means 52 in all. The game begins with the “preflop.” In this round, everyone is dealt two cards face down. These are the “hole cards” a player has for the round. Once these cards are out, betting typically takes place.
The game, free Texas hold em or not, then progresses to the “flop” stage. Here three cards are placed face up on the middle of the table. These cards serve as cards in all players’ hands. This round ends, generally, with a round of betting, but this won’t likely be the case in free hold em games, but faux betting might occur.
After the flop, the “turn” round happens. This involves another community card and another round of betting. Following this a fifth card, known as the “river” in some games is dealt. This is the final card and the final round of betting.
The player with the best possible hand between their hole cards and the table cards wins in the “showdown.” Whether it’s online Texas holdem or a casino game, the player likely will be required to claim their hand to win though. The object is to create the best possible hand and call it between the community cards and the hole.
Texas Poker Online
Online Texas holdem offers some real benefits for beginning poker players. Depending on the online holdem site chosen, players can learn the game without pressure of actual gambling and they can even get a better grasp of many of the rules that govern regular poker games.
To find the best online Texas hold em sites for learning, look for:
Online hold em sites that offer free play. Beginning players very likely don’t want to get involved in paid games. The free, just for fun, sites are ideal training grounds. These games can be played against the computer or sometimes against other players.
Those that offer tutorials. There are some fantastic Texas free poker sites that provide step-by-step tutorials for beginners. Many of these Texas online poker sites even provide advice as a player goes through a game.
Mock betting. For those who want to play holdem poker online for real stakes eventually might benefit from mock betting set ups to enable them to see how quickly money can be won or lost.
While free games are great for beginners, the Internet offers some great sites for actual paid Texas holdem play. These sites range from full online casinos to those that cater strictly to poker players. Anyone who browses online gambling sites will soon find out Texas poker is one of the most popular games going.
Before signing on to a particular site for paid play, it’s not a bad idea to check it out fully. From looking at security features to reading the terms of service, a little extra time can ensure holdem poker online is as safe as it is fun. Many of these sites even offer free play options so new users can get acclimated with house rules and style of play.
When a game of Texas poker is desired around the clock, the Internet is the place to turn. From Texas hold em games that come with no strings attached to those that offer high ante action, they can be found.
Live Action Texas Poker Has Its Perks
Many players say there’s nothing quite like the feel of the cards in their hands. This is where actual face-to-face games can be a real blast.
While some gambling and card games are more likely to be found in a casino, Texas hold em games can be played anywhere there is a deck of cards and at least two players. The fun of live action games is hard to beat, although Internet games come rather close.
Casino play for Texas holdem is very popular. In fact, this game is found now in casinos throughout the Americas, in some European locations and beyond. With a reputation that’s grown to rival the size of the state the game is named for, Texas holdem is definitely reaching a large audience.
With a fun, fast style of poker play, Texas poker leaves just enough mystery in each hand to be a real blast. Only two cards separate each player from having identical hands, but what a difference those two cards can make. Whether it’s online or in person, this game has been hot for a while and it’s only getting hotter.

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