Why Casino Payout Percentages are Important

Casino Payout

Before you even contemplate of making a deposit to an online gambling site, you need to know something about payout percentages, and how it affects your game, and your potential profit.

If you have ever played slots, the basic idea of the casino payout percentage may be familiar; in the slot machine, it refers to the percentage at which it is due to pay out. When speaking of gambling sites in particular, it denotes both the total amount that was bet by all players in the casino and how much was won.

What does this mean, exactly? In simple terms, the higher the casino payout percentage, the more likely you are going to win there. For example, a site that has a payout of 97% signifies that that rate goes back to player earnings, and the remaining 3% to the house.

It should be kept in mind that the casino payout percentage is affected by the games themselves, so this should be accounted for also. Card games like Blackjack and Poker (except when playing against the house) have the highest payout. Blackjack has a rate of 98%, and Poker 96%.

This should not be surprising, as both the rules of both casino games lower the house edge. Poker in particular, as most gambling sites just make a profit from a small percentage cut from the pot.

Slots offer the lowest casino payout percentage (on the average about 90%), with games like Baccarat and Roulette (94%) in the middle. Of course, the variations in the rules can change this. For example, Video Poker, while played like a card game, is more structured like a slot machine, so the percentage here will be quite lower than the table game.

If you are wondering if there is any difference in the payout of brick and mortar and online casinos, the answer is no. The reason is that the games offered are often the same. However, there are certain sites that offer more variants of the same game, and sometimes this can affect the house edge (i.e., it is easier to find European wheels on the Net than in Vegas).

Most of the well established casinos have their payouts posted regularly. However, you should also check out independent accounting firms to make sure they jibe. Once you find the right rate, you can play with more confidence, knowing that you will be treated fairly and have a strong chance of winning.

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