Why Blackjack Deserves Your Attention

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Often considered by most as the other card game in a casino, with the main card game being poker, most notably Texas Hold Em poker, Blackjack, in one form or another, is one of the oldest card games in the world. Once only comprising of one basic game, where the player would have to have a hand of cards that totaled 21, anything over and they were bust, anything under and if the dealer had a higher total under 21, they lost, there have been many different variations of the game brought into the public light in recent years.

The game of Elimination Blackjack is one of the newest Blackjack variations and although it is expected to become popular in offline casinos, it is only currently available on a minimal amount of online casinos.

The main aim of this variation is to simply have more chips than ones fellow players. In theory, this is an easy task to accomplish. However, there are several twists and turns along the way to make this task slightly more difficult.

For example, most Elimination Blackjack games are played for a set amount of hands, generally 30 and as the title would suggest, players are eliminated throughout these 30 hands. The way players are eliminated is that there is a set amount of elimination hands in the game and when one of these hands has finished, the player with the least amount of chips is removed from the game. Therefore, not only do players have to ensure that they have more chips than their competitors at the end of the game, but if they have the lowest amount at the incorrect time, they will lose their place completely in the game.

Although elimination hands do vary upon the casino where the game is played, they are generally noted as being hands number 8, 16 and 25.

One of the main differences between this variation of Blackjack and regular Blackjack is that whilst in the latter the player plays against the house, Elimination Blackjack requires the player to play against the house and other players. As this is the case, the game becomes much more of a strategic one and allows for more thought to be taken when deciding on betting strategies and the risks involved in some hands. Although not possible to bluff, it is feasible to be able to ensure that a player is in a worse position when the Elimination Hands come around.

Whilst standard Blackjack is not really known as a popular and regularly played tournament game, the elimination variation is and it is becoming increasingly prevalent in online casinos. It is widely believed that as poker tournaments can often take up a large amount of a players time, especially as there are no set time scales, this variation of Blackjack is becoming preferred as it is a much quicker game, with a standard amount of hands that are to be dealt. This allows for more people to play, as they can estimate an approximate length of time that will be spent playing in the tournament.

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